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Maybe I should be embarassed about this…

As a kid I loved wrestling. I’m not talking about Greco-Roman wrestling (although it is pretty sweet). I’m talking about true sports entertainment professional wrestling.

I got really into it when I was in elementary school and my brother and some friends watched it every Monday night. So naturally, we started doing what we saw on TV and being that I was the little guy and my brother was way bigger than me, I got chokeslammed and power-bombed non-stop. I’m pretty sure this limited my moves to the DDT and flipping everybody off Stone Cold style.

I was going to insert an image of a power-bomb here but couldnt find one that didnt look like something gay was going on.

Maybe I’m pushing it here to say wrestling was cool back in the day but it seemed that way. That ridiculousness just seemed more excusable. Like when, for no apparent reason, every wrestler would be brawling throughout the stadium. It was always awesome. Piledrivers all over the place.

Piledriver: Not gay at all.

Wrestling played a big role in my childhood. Example: one of my best friends to this day and I actually started talking because of wrestling and for approximately a year after all we said to each other was in an argument over who the best wrestler was (which was Mankind).

Another example is how I myself, brother, and friends spent countless hours on epic 40-man battle royales on the Nintendo 64 games. Maybe it’s an overstatement to say those nights of slobber-knocking (again wrestling sounding gay) barn-burners were influential in any way but I miss them.

What are you gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you?
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